»The Worker of Tomorrow«, 2009 by István Csákány.


Mute“, 2005–2009 by Janos Sugar.

Spherical Vortex“, 1999 from the series “Light Spiral” by Attila Csörgő.


»Truck Facing Eastwards«,2007 , outdoor installation, one 18-wheel white truck, 4 plates of colored plexi-glass.


»Losing my religion«, 2007, installation, colored plexi show-case, laboratory mouse-hutch, text on aluminium. By Hajnal Németh.

kisspal cckw.jpg

»CCKW (counter clockwise)«, 2001. CCKW is an istallation based on a backwards running clock which hangs above a water surface. By Szabolcs KissPal.


»Platonic Love«, 2000; tetrahedorn + cube + octaherdon = dodacaherdon. By Attila Csörgő. Video.


»Distance Correction« by Dominic Hislop.

Picture 17.png

»Self Portrait« and


»The Way«, 1994. A 3-D computer animation combined with live video. In this work the common system of the central perspactive is inverted. Instead of having the vanishing point at its usual place (on the horizon which represents endlessness),it has been moved to the closest possible position next to the viewpoint. Depicted are three runners followed by a camera down a foggy street in a small German village. By Tamás Waliczky & Anna Szepesi.

»Computer art has not been found out yet. Let us find it out for ourselves.«

From THE MANIFESTO OF COMPUTER ART by Tamás Waliczky, Budapest, 15 January 1989.

Picture 9.jpg

»Color Study«,2002 by Tamás Waliczky.


»candle, candle«, 2005, by Scabolcs Kisspál.