“Untitled”, 2009 by Vanessa Safavi.

»Hottentots Holland: Flora Capensis 1«, 2008 by Andrew Putter.

»Monochrome Till Receipt (White)«, 2005 by Dan Halter.

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“Lindiwe Mutoma (Female Detective), Lusaka, Zambia” and “Prisoner, Jaco, rests in the exercise yard in the centre of Beaufort West Prison. He supervised the painting of the yard along with 2 other prisoners.” By Mikhael Subotzky.


Font made out of matches and match boxes.


Interwoven maps of Zimbabwe. Images from the opening of Dan Halter’s show Take Me To Your Leader.


On Human Right’s Day, March 21 (2005), Ruth Sacks paid a pilot to write the words ‘Don’t panic’ in the sky over the Cape Town city bowl. The ‘don’t’ blew away long before the ‘panic’ did.


A series of obese, taxidermised pigeons also by Ruth Sacks.