Performance “7 hours, 7 days“, 2009 by Leah Capaldi.

»NEON-VOLVOLO /POP-ARZIGOGOLO«, 2007 by Ludovica Gioscia.

“Random Moments in Simultaneous Encounters (3 panels)”, 2000/2001 by Stephen Willats. Photographic prints, photographic dye, acrylic paint, letraset text and ink on card.

»FILM«, 2011 by Tacita Dean.

“F for Figure”, 2011 by Chris Succo. Patinated bronze.

»Sailing by«, 2010, cup and radio playing “Sailing by” four times a day on windowsill with river view. By Juliette Blightman.

»Sadness season mushroom & jug paintings«, 2011 by Aaron Angell.

“D3VIN”, 2011 by Ed Fornieles. Speaker set, found images,
toy car, party debris.

»First Woman on the Moon«, 1999 video by Aleksandra Mir.

“Shake it loose and let it fall”, 2011 by Emily Wardill. Inkjet print on silk sheet, veneer covered MDF.

“Janus (280 B.C – 2090 A.D)”, 2011 by Lloyd Corporation. Miranti, plastic flooring unit, plaster, terracotta cast with iron fillings.

“Contemporary Designs”, 2011 by Jacob Dahl Jürgensen.

“Untitled”, 2010 by Matthew Smith.

“Post Anti-Bell Study II (Rosie)”, 2011 by Ruth Ewan.

“Nothing 1”, 1998 by Angela de la Cruz. Oil on canvas.

“Particle”, 2009 by Bethan Laura Wood.

»Monument To Atlantic Records«, 2008 by Elizabeth Price.

„swapmeet (al-bahr al-mayyit mix) optic«, 2011 by Hannah Sawtell.

“ITCZ 1 (21°17’51.78”N / 89°35’28.18”O / 26-04-08 / 09:00 am)”, 2008 by Marine Hugonnier.

The Battle of Orgreave“, 2001 by Jeremy Deller. A large scale performance re-enacting a confrontation between the police and striking miners from the 1984–5 miners strike. Video.

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