»A Room of One’s Own/A Thousand Libraries«, 2006, is a compilation of all the marginal notes made by readers in the Swedish library copies of Virginia Woolf ’s 1929 pamphlet A Room of One’s Own. By Kajsa Dahlberg.


“Shelf Paintings (Pottery in October #4)”, 2009 by Dan Rees and Fredrik Værslev. Spray paint on plywood, birch shelf, brass screws, hinges, ceramic object.


“Terazzo (29B, 42 and 14C)”, 2010 by Fredrik Værslev. Spray-paint, granite effect spray on canvas.


“Shelf Painting (Pottery in October #8)”, 2009 by Fredrik Værslev. Spray paint on plywood, birch shelf, brass hinges and screws. Acrylic squash print. Decorations by Dan Rees.

»What the Others Knew«, 2009 by Leif Holmstrand.

“Untitled (Gaps)”, 2008 by Luca Frei.

“Shattered”, 2001–2007 by Alexander Gutke.

»Matt Damon (Near Mint)«, 2007 by Christian Andersson.

»JUST SKY«, 2005 by Catrin Andersson.

“snerohT”, 2007 by Alexander Gutke.

“9 Ways To Say It’s Over”, 2006 by Alexander Gutke.

Untitled-steelxl.jpg U-carrier0-xl.jpg

“Untitled” and “Untitled (Carrier)” by Jone Kvie.

This Way.jpg

»This Way«, 2003, 24 doors, wood, paint. By Anna Nordquist Andersson.


Stills from »EXIT« (1997),


Still from »SKYLINE (2000) by Magnus Wallin.

13-Fountain,-2004.jpg   07-Utan-titel-(paus),-2005-Ska.jpg

“Fountain” and “Untitled” by Magnus Thierfelder.


»Knuckle-Duster« from the marble series and


»The Dinner« by Monika Larsen Dennis.


“Åsa & Peter”, “No title”,


“Smokeman”, “Dirk & Phyllis” and “No title” by Susanna Hesselberg.


9 Was 6 If. The two chairs change in colour every 4th minute. What looks like two ordinary chairs on display, is in fact two totally modified replicas holding an internal water system. This allows the chairs to change in temperature, as cold or hot water is pumped through their system. The changing temperature affects the surface of the chairs, coated with thermochrome (heat-reacting) paint. When the chair is cold, it is black, but when heated up it turns white. By Christian Andersson.