»From Morning till Night«, 2011 by Kateřina Šedá.

Installation “Place for a Viewer”, 2009 by Dominik Lang.

“Passive design”, 2009 by Markéta Othová.

Get a cat.

»Cat«, 1965 by Milan Knížák.


From “Main d’oeuvre”, 2008 by Adam Vackar. This project was inspired by an absurd situation in the fifties under the communist regime in Czechoslovakia, where as a part of the communist utopia, workers were invited to make and teach art at the art schools. Adam Vackar invited an ordinary factory worker to make his own self-portrait in clay at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.


“Kissing through Glass”, 2007 by Jiří Kovanda.


»Écran«, 2006 by Amande In.


»Red is coming«, 2007 by Kristof Kintera .

“Coffee table art (three objects)”, 2005 by Jiří Skála.


»Composition No. 3«, 1963-64 by Milan Knížák. Sound link.

»Z jedné na druhou/From One to the Other«, 2009 by Pavel Sterec.

“The Ruler Project”, 2000 by Jiří Skála.
Rulers of altered length were distributed to professionals.

»Aktualizovaný oděv«, 1979 by Milan Knížák.

»I Don’t Believe in Past Lives«, 2009, photographic series of dead ends of tunnels inside a mine in Pribyslav. By Pavel Sterec.

»Landscape«, 1999 by Štěpánka Šimlová.


»Clouds«, from the series Landscapes, 2005 by Michaela Thelenová.


»Study for the Dispersion of Information«, 2005 by Jan Jakub Kotík.

pareto2a Kopie.jpg

»Attempts to apply Pareto principle«, 2007 and

tyc4.jpg tyc3.jpg

»Here and Elsewhere«, 2008. Stripper pole coated with a description of a striptease scene encoded in Braille alphabet. By Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova.

Picture 43.png

For her project »Postcards«, 2007, Katerina Drzkova systematically collected postcards from the 1960s to the 1980s. They are never identical. The pair »Tropical Beach« differs in several details and a time shift of a few minutes is apparent. Different photographers are named at the back, a different place and time of posting, the addressee is the same.


»Refugees«, 2007. Documentary photographs of refugees digitally manipulated and colored. The refugees appear in new spaces constructed according to their wishes. By Katerina Drzkova.


Ombea” (Video) by Pash*.

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