“Black Tube”, 2010 by Ara Peterson. Wood, acrylic paint.

»Scenes from a Portrait«, 2008 by Eve Essex.

“Olafur Eliasson”, 2009 by Matthew Draving in collaboration with Duncan Scovil. Slideshow, sound. Video.

Double vision“, 2008 by Gregory Fong.

“Screen Savers”, 2008 by Eve Essex. Still from a set of animated screen savers.

“Freud.ppt”, 2008 by Gregory Fong. Diagrams culled from Freud’s writings, presented as a PowerPoint.

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“Untitled” (ice cream taster spoons), “Untitled” (Hawaiian punch diluted with varying ammounts of water) and “Untitled” (shopping carts) by Milton F. Stevenson V.


»Projection Sphere with Mural (European)«. By Ara Peterson.