“Birds of Pray”, 2010 by Haroon Mirza.

“Stage Fight”, 2009 by Haroon Mirza in collaboration with Laura Buckley & Dave Maclean.

»Poster Sale«, 2006 by Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle.


»Long Wave Goodbye«, 2006, 33-minute sound loop by Michael Day. “Some sounds persist as signifiers of other meanings even though they rarely occur in daily life: the screech of a stylus being pulled from a vinyl record is often used as a clichéd way of drawing the audience’s attention to a sudden change of pace in visual broadcast media, even though very few people under the age of 20 will recognise the source of the sound or what it originally signified. Tuning, or dead air, may well end up the same, a signifier dislocated permanently from its signified. This piece presents a transition across the full range of the long wave spectrum available on the Technics SA-200L.”


“160 sine waves and 144 pixels” (video clip) by Mark Fell.


»4-ever« 2006, (modified plug extension) by Chris Henry Clarke