“Untitled snake oil”, 1998 by Hany Armanious. Hotmelt, glass.

“Stone Pyramid”, 2011 by Anna Kristensen. Oil on linen.


“Sound Drift”, 2005 by Timo Kahlen and Ian Andrews.

“Hors de Commerce”, 2008/2009 by Joel Gailer. Hors de Commerce is a work that exists in publishable form only, unlike most art production, which culminates in a single or limited number of objects, Hors de Commerce is an unlimited edition that can be printed and reprinted into perpetuity.

“The Hanging Smoking Garden”, 2007 by Mikala Dwyer.

pasttimes2.jpg pasttimes3.jpg

“Past Times” by Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro. See also “Spleen” by David Moises.