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“Jump”, video and installation by Job Koelewijn.


“Autonomous Instrumental”, “Acoustic Space Mirror” and “Theremin” by Haroon Mirza.


»Tokyo Housses 1« by Frédéric Lebain.


»Living With A Log«. A forty-two foot long log weighing two tons, was obtained, transported and placed inside of private residence.


»Exploding The Glass«.


»30 Pounds Of Salt«. Seasalt aquired during the project »This Garden, making salt and evaporation drawings«. All projects by Hugh Pocock.


»Caravane« by Eric Hattan.


Blue Moon plays the tides, the tides mix the city noise into 3 tuning tubes generating harmony in response which then playback in real-time. By Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger.


»Les herbivores« and »Ethylic« by Jacques Julien.




 ”Old good times”. The buildings shown are an abandoned textile factory complex, in which the chimney was re-activated for the period of one day.


“Privatised”. Works by Leopold Kessler.

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A documentary about the Iranians Jewish community in Los Angeles and


“Real Dolls”, silicone dolls made in California. Both projects by Anoush Abrar.


Camouflage Tent by Mathijs Lieshout.


Helmut Smits planting a tree in front of a billboard.

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“SunnO))) / (Repeater) Decay / Coma Mirror” and “Ghost” by Banks Violette.


»The constellation of candles in the field corresponding to the constellation of the stars in the sky«, 2004 by IRWIN, is a photo reconstruction of the group OHO action »The constellation of candles in the field corresponding to the constellation of the stars in the sky« from 1970.

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Other reproductions of OHO actions by IRWIN.


»IRWIN with Marina Abramovic.« A collective of five Slovene artists IRWIN, was founded 1983 and since has been a dynamic force in contemporary Eastern European art. They describe their own work as retro-avant garde and are emphatic about their work being collective rather than individual. The group also co-founded the wider cultural collective Neue Slowenische Kunst.


During the last remaining weeks of the year 2000 Jochem Hendricks had his annual income tax calculated. For the profit, remaining after the tax exemt amount as well as the expenses were deducted, Hendricks bought gold. This gold was used to create «Tax» the sculpture and thus could be written off as working material. Thereby Jochem Hendricks’ tax revenue was completely converted into gold and remained in his posession.


»Les Reflets« (Sandwish Turc, Loto, Opticien and Hong-Kong Fast Food) from 2004 Franck Scurti.


»Virgin« (unprinted newspaper) and


»S/T« (weaved newspapers) by Jaime Pitarch. See also Dan Halter.


A fast rotatign LCD-monitor generates three dimensional phantom images which can be observed from all sides, without the aid of special glasses or the like. The image shown is a simple vector movie based on the novel »Flatlands« by E. A. Abbot, in which a square living in a two dimensional world receives a visit from a ball. This Spatial Vision Device is called »Hanoscop« in tribute to an inventor, Mr. Hanisch, who patented a machine based on similar principles in 1966


»The Flying Carpet« is a hovercraft powered by a leafblower.


The propeller of a marine outboard engine has been replaced by wheels, which make the »Independent Trailer« an autonomous vehicle.


»Spleen« is a freeze-frame explosion, an autopsy on motor and chassis that encapsulates the utopian fantasy of the overhauled scooter, driving off into the sunset.


»Das Schaukelhaus«.


A »Bonanzarad« has this name only in German speaking Europe. Teenagers, who invented it in the 60s in Long Beach and built it out of junk, never had the intention of constructing something faster or better than existing bikes, rather it was a pre-teen, Pop era status symbol. The many details and saddle seat evoked the feeling of riding a horse or an Easy Rider motorcycle. A playing card mounted in the wheel spokes created a motor-like noise, just as here, the chainsaw is used constructively. Through an alteration to the chain on the rear wheel, the vision is obtained, and the Wannabe‘s dream is realized…


By pedaling, electricity is generated that powers the motor for an electric wheelchair, that makes the »Healed Home Exercise Bike« move. The tachometer indicates the phantom-speed.


By controlling the suction of 35 burning cigarettes the »Cigarette Display« device can display simple graphics, letters and symbols. All projects by David Moises.


»The Classic Style Triple Grilled Islington 3000« is a garbage unit with a cut-out cardboard screen, the pattern straight out of the DIY book on “how to obscure that unsightly radiator”. By Howard Dyke.


»Black-out« (2005), »Chimère2« (2004) and »La juste mesure« (2003) by Pierre Philippe Freymond.


»Selfportrait As An Artist On Vacation« and


»Lost (As Bas Jan Ader)« by Jason Lazarus.

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