»Assembling Of Spider-Percussions«. A sound installation by Ariel Guzik.

No title.jpgTotalitariansism.jpgMarcelMusters.jpgMarcelMusters1.jpg

“No Title”, “Totalitarianism” and portraits of Marcel Musters by Viviane Sassen.


»Sharanga« (2006), oil on canvas, 200 x 100 cm. Lollywood is a series of oil paintings on canvas that are refering to various film posters of Lollywood productions. The word »Lollywood« refers to the Pakistani film industry, based in the city of Lahore.


»The Right Way To Pray« (2002-03), interactive flash animation/ found footage from the web.


»Seat« (2003). All projects by Shahram Entekhabi.


»Hypershopper«. By Jacques Coetzer.


“Die Kühe” and


“Der Leuchtturm” by Andreas Lorenschat.


“Neon, Do Me Baby”, “Keyboard” and “Turntables” by David Ersser. All sculptures are made out of balsa wood.


»Screw« and »Field« by Andrew Neuman.


Videos “Bubbles”,

Arrow Game3.jpgArrow Game.jpg

“Arrow Game” and

William Lamson1.jpgFlight.jpg

project “Flight” (photographs, video and sculpture) by William Lamson.


Danius Kesminas exhibition »Vodka Sans Frontieres« derives from the 2004 discoveries of illegal underground pipelines pumping vodka into Lithuania. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a vodka pipeline organ. Made from plastic sewerage pipes, the organ resembles the Lithuanian folk instrument skudučiai, but it’s end product is not vodka, but music. Air is pumped into the pipes by a revolving barrel, which regulates the valves of the organ to play a traditional Lithuanian drinking song, Gerkit Gerkit, Broliukai (Drink Brothers, Drink).


“Orbita” by Gronlund\Nisunen.


»Closer to the border #1 and #2« (2005) by Johan Thurfjell.


“Memory” and “Cowboys & Angels” by Mat Maitland.


Portraits of Francis Bacon, Romy Schneider and Jonny Depp; part of the series “Phantom 00″ by Sonja Feldmeier. “Phantom 00″ resulted from the collaboration of various people of different age, different background, cultural and social affiliation. Looked for were fans which, from their imagination, described the face of their idol. As original material served a digital photo archives which the Criminal Investigation Department uses to produce composite sketches.


Sculptures by Karin Lorentzen.


freq_out is a sound installation comprised of 12 individual sound works each utilizing a specific frequency range, made on site, and amplified to act as a single, generative sound-space. Encouraged by d!sturbances, Swedish artist and curator C M von Hausswolff assembled a collection of 13 artists, consisting of sound artists, architects, composers, producers, sculptors, mathematicians and visual artists. Each artist is assigned a frequency range with which to work. This process is carried out in situ, each using a workstation consisting of a mixing desk and PA system. All the resulting compositions are then amplified together in the space to create a sound installation or performance.

Keep In Mind.jpg

»Keep In Mind« from 1997 by Erwin Redl.


The new issue of Fairy Tale is out now, by vier5.

Brian Bress 9.jpgPortraitRoom1.jpgPortraitRoom.jpg

Videos “Wait“, “Portrait room“,

Brian Bress 3.jpgBrian Bress 2.jpgHome.jpg

Brainquest“, “Rock your body” and “Home” by Brian Bress.

Car camouflage.jpg

“Car camouflage”, “Open fridge” and “Beer Packs” by Laurent La Gamba. Video “Red open fridge performance“. See also Harvey Opgenorth.


“….” by Constant Dullaart and Ronald Snijders.

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