“Saunabaari”, 2003. Petra-Maria Saarinen and Harald Melrose Turek have built a sauna including shower & changing room into a 10 x 8 foot portacabin. The portacabin was placed in the City Centre of Glasgow. The woodburning sauna-stove was heated up and the sauna was open to the public for one night only.


“Sauna” (2005, cooking stove, 280x150x100 cm) by Gelitin.


»One Million Finnish Passports« (1995). This collection of replicas addresses the restrictive nationalism of Finland. Compared to other European nations, Finland has the lowest number of immigrants and refugees. Project realized by Alfredo Jaar.


Ai Weiwei

»i.Mirror« part 1, 2 and 3 by China Tracy/Cao Fei.


»EKSPOZYCJA« by Roman Ondak.


»Rock«, 2005 (steel and multi-tone car paint) by Nicolas Deshayes.

9.gif  25.gif

“Price On Request” – The installation employs a cardboard adhesive-band copy of the well-known art fair stands structures. These cloisonne modules are in general made of wood and steel and can be found in almost every kind of fair. By Art Basel Geneva (Cris Faria and Lukas Mettler).

Curriculum vitae 21.jpg

»Curriculum vitae«, 2007 by Tereza Janeckova.


»On Stage« 2007, video installation, 4’53”, loop. By Collectif_Fact.


»Paysage Fantome – 3«,


»Laurent – 1« by Xavier Veilhan


»Objects of War« (2000-2006) is a series of testimonials on the Lebanese war. Each person chooses an object, ordinary or unusual, which serves as a starting point for his / her story. n°1, n°2, n°3 and n°4 by Lamia Joreige.


»LEE FORREST FERGUSON«, 2007 (Snare drum, projector, keyboard, etc. With Lee Forrest Ferguson)


»EVERYTHING YOU CAN BORROW«, 2007 (LCDs (various sizes), gamepad. With Asia Bas, Katarzyna Dzierzawin, Anna Gigon, Michal Gonciarczyk, Lukasz Grochowski, Piotr Grochowski, Miho Iwata, Magda Kowalska.) by Wojciech Kosma.


“The Palace at 4 A.M.” by Jon Kessler.


Google Carpet” by Robert Sollis.

google1.jpg  google3.jpg

Google Image Search“, 2004. Working from a list of around 70 words, covering a wide range of references and pre-conceived notions, Google’s image search feature was used to find the 20 most viewed images for each word, which were appropriated to create 60 second slide show-style videos. By Sandy Smith.

Picture 10.png

»Art Imitates Life«, 2007. Google search frequency for “art” and “life” from 2004 to 2006 are plotted against each other on a search-volume graph where the number of searches for each term is shown in relation to the number of searches done on Google during a given time period. The two graphs synchronize a surprising amount and are generally very close in volume. At least on the web, art and life imitate each other. By Caleb Larsen.


»Untiteld«, 2005 by Job Koelewijn.

2003w0003p01.jpg 2003w0012p01.jpg

“Cutting Books in Tokyo, vol.3” and “Through the Edges”, cuts on an art history book by Noriko Ambe.


»1000 Narratives/English«, 2000 by Lorna Mills.

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