»Public Water Closet«, 1998 by Adrian Blackwell.

“Crise 1929” from “A la recherche du miracle economique (Looking for the economic miracle)”, 2006-2007 by Julien Prèvieux.

“Aero Torrents”, 2007 by Voldemars Johansons.

»Don’t Miss A Sec«, 2003-2004, a usable toilet enclosed in a cube of one-way glass where the person inside can see passersby while remaining invisible to them. By Monica Bonvicini.

“Function of a tire” by Martin Nicolausson. Video.

»Two Point Five«, 2008 an installation by Margrét Bjarnadóttir & Elín Hansdóttir.

»Stroke Test«, 2008 by Harm Van Den Dorpel.

»lectures quotidiennes«, 2008 by Claude Closky.

»Candy Glassware« (sugar glass window, wood frame, sugar, empirical cooking method), 2008 by Matthieu Clainchard.

»Beat the Champ (Sega Genesis Championship Bowling: Dana)«, 2008 by Cory Arcangel.

From the series “Demoniac Babble“, 2007 by Estelle Hanania.

“Global Tabacco Production, 1947-Present”, 2008 by Joshua Callaghan.

“Untitled 0010c/g”, (paper collage), 2007,

“Untitled 009c/g”, (paper collage), 2007 by Haris Epaminonda.

“Public Sculpture/Private Radar”, 2008 (Video) and

“Phantom Sock”, 2006 by Darren Banks.

“Obst”, 2008 by Steven Claydon.

“More&more”, 2007 by Hans W. Koch.

»Rhythm«, 2001. Five people are filmed standing on a stage while making the christian-orthodox sign of the cross, repetitively, following the techno music beat.

»Death Anniversary«, 2004. A hired serbian dirge singer, performing at Marcel Duchamp’s grave. By Vladimir Nikolić.

The inside of the secret bunker (Chosun daily 2005.5.5)“, 2005 by Che Onejoon.

“Video Nasties”, 2003 by Jodie Carey. A collection of approximately 100 Horror videos.

»Monochrome Till Receipt (White)«, 1999 by Ceal Floyer.

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