2.4_interference_interaction” by Michelle Teran.

David’s Soul“, 1999/2007 by Merlin Carpenter.

“Don’t steal my Mercedes Benz bicycle”, 2007 by Rainer Ganahl.

“The Bike”, 2007 by Karl Holmqvist. Bicycle and plastic bags with content.

“A Kind Jester”, 2004 by Craig Leonard. Rebuilding abandoned bikes in downtown Toronto.

“To Pierre Menard, The Author of the Quixote”, 2007 by Snorre Ytterstad.

“Inventing the bicycle all over again”, 1996 by Mindaugas Šimkus.

»Peugeot Taipan, Commemorative Model (Discontinued Line)«, 1999 by Ricky Swallow.

»Bicycles«, 2007 by James Angus.

»My bike and your swamp (yesterday)«, 2008 by Andro Wekua.

The five most ugly faces in the National Gallery“, 1999 by Felix Gmelin.

“Unspoken series” , 2005 by Hoyun Son.

»Frontier Vest«, 2006 by Azra Akšamija.

»Mirror door (visitor)«, 2008 by Olafur Eliasson.

Performance “Hybridsound”, 2008 by Fouad Bouchoucha and Yann Gerstberger. Video.

“Touched echo”, 2007 by Markus Kison. While leaning on the swinging balustrade sounds are transmitted through the arm directly into into the inner ear (bone conduction).

»Untitled (Frank Painting Co Inc.)«, 2006 by Jordan Wolfson.

“Woman in a state of hypnosis”, “Niclas #2” and “Sandra #1” from the series “Hypnosis” by Marjaana Kella.

Corrosion organisée“, 2008 by Rémi Bragard.

»Pledge«, 2002, is an edition of 5000 copper tokens, each bearing the words “I WILL”. By Germaine Koh.

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