Video “Les demoiselles d’avignon viewed simultaneously from every point of view”, 2007 and

“Spring fling” (Video) by Spectacular Society Corporation.

“Around Noon”, 2007 by Darren Almond. Wall painting according to sunlight.

»%Bookmarks in ANSI« by Jodi.

»Vertiginous Mapping«, 2008 is a web based project about a town, north of the Arctic circle, having to be relocated due to ground instability caused by massive mining in the area. By Rosa Barba.

“Bootleg Piece #2 (Brussels)”, 2006 – free CD’s (with John Prine bootleg concert) and “GEEE! (US Patent number: 7.337.565 B2)”, 2008 by Øystein Aasan.

The double video installation »Guysgocrazy«, 2007 was produced in collaboration with the Prague-based pornographic company under the same name which organizes large-scale orgies. The empty studios were filmed before and after one of their events.

»Arkadashlar«, 2006. The video made at the British Military Base in Cyprus and initially presented as part of the video Installation »Truly«, documents the commission of British army Jet Fighter airplanes to draw a heart on the Cypriot Sky. It was screened for three days on top of The Marmara Hotel, one of the most prominent buildings in Istanbul, during the time of the formal visit of the Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Dora Bakoyianni for the talks she had with her counterpart Abdullah Gul, in their attempt to ease the tension between the two countries, following the mid-air collision between jousting Greek and Turkish fighters over the Aegean. By Christodoulos Panayiotou.

“Rassemblement Pour Repeindre (Gathering to repaint)”, 2006 by Matthieu Clainchard.

»Cave Woman«, 2009 by Roma Pas.


»OEVERLOOS VERLANGEN«, 2007-2009 by Jennifer Tee.

»Part of Eternity«, 2003 by Anna Wignell.

»Grand Public«, 2008 by Christian Robert-Tissot.

»Muttenz«, 2005,

»Kemper«, 2004 by Renée Levi.

»Under Discussion«, 2005 by Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla.

“Stone to fill the Sky”, 2001-2008 by Wang Zhan.

“18% Gray”, 2008 by Marte Johnslien.

»Untitled (Paper)«, 2009 by Daniel Gustav Cramer.

Trevor Paglen talking at google about America’s black sites, classified projects, secret military patches…

“Transit – a mediative sculpture”, 1992 by Helmut Mark. Video.

My life is an interactive fiction II“, 2009 by Gregory Chatonsky. In a performative action, the artist turns his private life into an interactive fiction: Before any decision he has to make, Chatonsky sends his options to the exhibition’s computer and waits until a visitor decides for him, and he will do what he is told.

“Polygord” by Math Wrath.

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