»Pictures of car radios taken while good music was playing«, 2004 by Hans-Peter Feldmann.

»Étude«, 1941 by Pablo Picasso.

“Almost Every City in the World”, 2005 by Mike Bouchet. Book and video. A list of almost every city, town, village, or named living location in the world. The list has approximately 2,800,000 entries. The video displays the alphabetically listed names and has a total running time of over 500 hours. The book is a printed version of this list. It has over 30,000 pages.

»Arrangement 8«, 2008 by Sean Raspet.

»Bourek«, 2005 by Adel Abdessemed.

“Shattered”, 2001–2007 by Alexander Gutke.

From “Copious cascade”, 2009 by Laura Brothers.

»Monument to Charles Fourier«, 2006 by Liam Gillick.

»Versions«, 2009 by Oliver Laric.

»Freemont sideboard«, 1985 by Ettore Sottsass.

»Dunepark«, 2009 is the excavation of a World War II bunker buried in a hill in The Hague. By Cyprien Gaillard.

»Ring (The Means of Illusion)«, 2007 by Sebastien Diaz Morales.

“I Hope Tomorrow is Just Like Today”, 2008 by Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro.

»Bio-Wurstwolke – After Dieter Roth 1969«, 2007 by Tue Greenfort.

»Burning Cube«, 2005 by Jeppe Hein.

“Human Form”, 2009 by Joe Bradley.

»After Van Gogh«, 2008 by Bill Sullivan.

»Towards04b.png«, Friday, February 6, 2009 by Philipp Otto.

»The Emerger«, 2005-2007 installation by Diana Cooper.

»The little fellow stone«, 2006 by Sophie Bueno-Boutellier.

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