»Michael Jackson and Bubbles«, 2009 by Harm Van Den Dorpel.

»Michael Jackson and Bubbles«, 1988 by Jeff Koons.

»Found image of Michael Jackson downloaded from the internet and uploaded to a free online age processing website, printed once in black and white and once in color«, 2009 by Martijn Hendriks.

»White Glove Tracking«, 2008 by Evan Roth.

»Fila«, 2009 by CORNROW RIDER.

“Carbon Copy”, 2003 by Steven Pippin.

“Totem” from the series “Bricolage” by Patrick Rampelotto.

»Triumph«, 2009 by Aleksandra Mir.

»BATHS«, 2005 by Anthony Baab.

»birch1.png«, 2009,

»forrest.png«, 2009 by Charles Broskoski

Tacet” 2009, by Ulla Rauter.

“Over Eye”, 2007 by Bernhard Fruehwirth.

»Tupacproject«, 2005 by Paolo Chiasera.

»Full Moonlight«, 2008,

»Étude (Minor Relative)«, 2008,

»From Right to Left (Playing the Farfisa Organ and the Rhodes-Electric Piano)«, 2008 by João Paulo Feliciano.

»Versus«, 2005 by Noe Sendas.

»Clover«, 2009 by Billy Rennekamp.

“A Circular Play”, 2008 by Nina Beier and Marie Lund.
An actor performs a play on a specially constructed stage. A stenographer sits opposite on a similar construction and notes down everything being said and done in a script format. The actor performs the new script and his performance is noted down repeatedly.

“Max”, 2003 by Florentijn Hofman.

»surprise… you’re pregnant!«, 2007-09 by Emily Roysdon.

»300«, 2009 by Timur Siqin.

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