“Tarnung #3”, 2009 by Rob Voerman.

»L.A. Crash«, 2006 by Mirko Martin.

»Ulrich Anders«, 2008 by Natalie Czech.

»Basics«, 2008 by Jordan Wolfson.

»flowers« by Kim Boske.

“March mad addiction descent”, 2007 by Mike Quinn

»Versuchsreaktor (experimental reactor)«, 2009,

»Herterichstraße«, 2001 by Michael Sailstorfer.

»www.thirtyfourparkinglots.com«, 2008 by Pascual Sisto.

“The Ruler Project”, 2000 by Jiří Skála.
Rulers of altered length were distributed to professionals.

“Stupid music”, 2007 by Mathew Sawyer.

“Transformation Always Takes Time And Energy”,1998 by Pravdoliub Ivanov.
Hot plates, pots, tea pots, cables, water, electricity, time.

City farming plant modules“, 2003 by N55.

“Böschung (Acclivity)” from “Reelle Duelle”, 2004 by Bernhard Fruehwirth. Soil, vegetation.

»farm«, 2009 by Namaiki.

“Plan”, 2005 by Anne de Vries.

“Plant B”, 2008 by Simon Kentgens.

“Urban Plaza Equivalent”, 2006 by Michael Cataldi.
55 gallon drums, sandbags, constructuion barriers, weeds, sprinklers.

“The Hanging Smoking Garden”, 2007 by Mikala Dwyer.

Hanging Garden«, 2009, installation of over 300 different dry plants hanged chronologically, by Aki Nagasaka.

“Hanging Garden”, 2008-09 by Mona Hatoum.

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