Installation view of “Superkalifragilistigexpialigetik”, 2009 by Kathrin Sonntag.

“Grounded, Egocentric, Free”, 2006 from the series “Character Studies”, 2005-06 by Constanze Schweiger.

“Dive”, 2008 by Magali Reus.

» Radiant «, 2008, metal, wood and ratchet straps, by Antoine Lefebvre.

»Gezeiten«, 2008, safety belts and metal tighteners by Ayşe Erkmen.

The “Wind Array Cascade Machine – WACM” (2003), by Steve Heimbecker, is a 64 channel kinetic wind mapping and network diffusion system. The data generated, can be recorded and archived. The WACM series of installations are: “POD” (2003), “Signe” (2005), “Paravent” (2006), and the “Turbulence Sound Matrix” (2007).

“Untitled (mirrored tambourine painting)”, 2008 and

“Untitled (cement towel corners)”, 2008 by Paul Lee.

»Einfühlung«, by Adrien Missika (Table by Stephane Barbier Bouvet).

From “Nadelwald”, 1984 by Michael Badura. Algorithmically generated towers, halms and leaves.

»Untitled«, 2007 by Roberto Calbucci.

»21st Century boys & girls golden mountain«, 2009 by Ssin.

»Stadia II«, 2004 by Julie Mehretu.

»My Baby«, 2007 by Ron Tran.

“Shake Your Money Maker Flipchart Series”, 2007 by Bettina Allamoda.

On the Origin of Species: The Preservation of Favoured Traces“, 2009 by Ben Fry.

“Casting Jen and Helen”, 2004 by Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler.

»Dancing«, 2009 by Alexandra Bachzetsis.

“Italian square”, 2008 by Aldo Giannotti. Installative performance – plywood, italian citizens, mp3-player, speakers.

»Scenes from a Portrait«, 2008 by Eve Essex.

»o.T./n.T.«, 2006 by Iris Kettner.

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