Group of four concrete statues by Carl Nesjar from metal cutouts by Pablo Picasso (after Manet’s painting “Dejeuner sur l’Herbe”) in garden of Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm.

»Inherited & Borrowed Types«, 2011 by Ruby Sky Stiler.

»Baby«, 2009-2010 by Thomas Houseago.

»Volk Ding Zero«, 2009 by Georg Baselitz.

From a group »Seated Figures«, 1974-79 by Magdalena Abakanowicz.

From the series “The Small Blue Gradient”, 2011 by Rachel de Joode.

»Graffiti Photoglyph«, 1973 by Gordon Matta-Clark.

»PAINTING FOR BUDDHA«, 2005 by Cullinan + Richards.

“Fernwirkung”, 2010 by Alicja Kwade. Parsol bronze, brass, copper, branch.

“Hang in there”, 2010 by Anders Clausen. Digital print, anodised aluminium frame.

»Colors, Lines, Numbers, Symbols, Shapes, and Images«, 2010 by Iman Issa.

»The heads in Question«, 2009 by Rossella Biscotti.

From the exhibition “Every Website is a Monument”, 2011 by Angelo Plessas.

»Margo’s toe«, 2011 by Wojciech Kosma.

“Mammoth and Poddle”, 2010 by Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel. Wool carpet.

»Late Night Lady«, 2009 by Ernesto Neto.

»Psycho 7«, 2010 by Erwin Wurm.

»Non-Indépliable, blanc déteint«, 2010 by Haegue Yang.

From the series “Nevin Aladag versus Arne Jacobsen”, 2007 by Nevin Aladag.

“Klub Europa”, 2010 by Hans Schabus.

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