»The Helvetic System : Tarasp«, 2008, 1 of 78 maps by Neal Beggs.

»Invisible Man«, 2010 by Jan Freuchen.

»Panama, Pacific, International, Exposition«, 2009 by Aurélien Froment.

»Maverick«, 2009 by Matt Golden.

“Tour de Corps”, 2010 by Michaela Meise. Wood, Plexiglas.

“I was adored once too”, 2010 by Alejandro Almanza Pereda. Plaster Statues.

“Passwords forgotten”, 2011 by Jérémie Gindre.

»Growing House«, 2004 by Bert Theis.

»Public domain II«, 2010 by Matthieu Clainchard.

»Pattern Matching Pink«, 2010 by Nevin Aladağ.

“Après réflexion N°13”, 2005 by François Morellet. Neon.

»disOrient«, 2008 by Raqs Media Collective.

»Untitled (New York Marble Sculpture)«, 2010 by Cyprien Gaillard.

“Locked in Presence”, 2000/2002 by Manfred Erjautz. Marble, aluminum, stainless steel.

»Carrara Snowman«, 2009 by Helmut Smits.

»Sand Sculpture«, 2008 by Olaf Breuning.

“xBGHy12z”, 2006 by Andreas Slominski. Styrofoam, styrodur, wood, leather.

“A lad of fire (menswear bench, or a bold stripe suit calls for plain shirts and un-patterned ties)”, 2011 by Helen Marten.

»Rhino Beetle«, 2005 by Sarah Morris.

»Eupatorus gracilicornis«, 2003-2004 by Robert J. Lang.

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