Arsenal (to be continued…)“, 2009 by Krüger & Pardeller. Formica-coated chipbaord panels, aluminium chequer plates, aluminium.

Stills from “Birds”, 2001 by Daria Martin.Video excerpt.

»In one, out another«, 2010 by Darren Goins.

“Trustworhty #48”, 2011 by Haegue Yang. On-going series of paper collages, various envelope security patterns.

From the series “Turnaround“, 2010-11 by Vincent Kohler.

»Midnight Mission«, 2009 by Matthew Monahan.

Players“, 2010 by Pilvi Takala. Video excerpt.

“Untitled”, 2008 by Heimo Zobernig. Polyester, kryptonite, acrylic.

»Captcha« by Gabrielle De Vietri.

Kafka office“, 2010 by Bea Fremderman.

»I Am a Laser/Scream Like a Baby«, 2011 lecture/performance by Jeremy Shaw.

“I-ON”, 2011 by Ivo Dimchev. Solo with objects by Franz West. Video.

From the series “All the Colosios of this country”, 2009 by Diego Berruecos.

»Untitled«, 2011 by Urs Fischer & Georg Herold.

Installation view of “Lycopodium”, 2011 by Raphael Hefti. Photograms on photographic color paper using the gently burning spores of the mossplant Lycopdium.

»La Más Bella TÚ«, 2003, a wallet containing works by 50 artists, in edition of 1000 by Pepe Murciego and Diego Ortiz.

»Mobile Models Ongoing«, 2011 by Andres Laracuente.

»Construction II«, 2004 by Daniel Shea.

»Listening Station«, 2008 by Tyler Adams.

»meta readymade serial–triangulation«, 2010 by Benjamin Husson.

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