»Degradee Wave for Choja-machi«, 2010 by Lucia Koch.

»Faces contre terre«, 2010 by Guillaume Leblon.

“From Boynton’s Lookout the Author Photographs the Grandeur of Escalante Canyon”, 2011 by Christian Mayer. Wallpaper, honeycomb board with plywood.

La Maîtresse de la Tour Eiffel“, 2009 by Michel de Broin. Mirror ball, 1000 mirrors, 7.5 meters in diameter.

“Well Polished Floor Sculpture”, 2010 by Ger van Elk.

»Netto-1«, 2004 by Tobias Zielony.

»Janet & Jackson«, 2011, vases by Miltos Manetas.

»Untitled«, 1946 by Janet Sobel.

»No. 5«, 1948 by Jackson Pollock.

»Shredded money«, 2008 by Christodoulos Panayiotou. The dune-like installation (5 meter hight and 7 meters diameter) consists of shredded bank notes. Following an agreement with the Central Bank of Cyprus, shredded Cypriot pounds were collected in January 2008 when the country entered the Eurozone. The work which represents the whole wealth of the Island at this transitional moment comments on the charged historical moment and the specific symbolic value of the cypriot currency.

“Untitled”, 2010 by Matthew Smith.

TAPP und TASTKINO (Tap and Touch Cinema)“, 1968 by VALIE EXPORT.

»Breast Forms Permutated«, 1972 by Martha Wilson.

»19:30 stacks«, 2011 by Aleksandra Domanović. The stack on the right is freely downloadable as a PDF.

Chris Kraus interviewed by Martin Rumsby. Parts 3 to 8.

»Video Art Manual«, 2011 by Keren Cytter.

“Post Anti-Bell Study II (Rosie)”, 2011 by Ruth Ewan.

»The Opposite of Backwards«, 2008 by Alicia Frankovich.

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