»SU-22 display«, 2009 by Idan Hayosh.

»The Matrix«, 2010 by Kianoosh Motallebi.

»Corporate Video Decisions Double Canvas: Stepping Up«, 2011 by Simon Denny.

»Sadness season mushroom & jug paintings«, 2011 by Aaron Angell.

»Animal Tower«, 2008 by Jasmina Llobet & Luis Fernández Pons.

»The Library«, 2010 with 590 soviet books by Rossella Biscotti.

“D3VIN”, 2011 by Ed Fornieles. Speaker set, found images,
toy car, party debris.

“Stone Circle”, 1980 by Richard Long. Marble, diameter 280 cm.

“Stone Pyramid”, 2011 by Anna Kristensen. Oil on linen.

“Shoe Box Sculpture 01-06”, 2011 by Matias Faldbakken. Poured concrete and paper.

Still from “Kings of the Hill”, 2003 by Yael Bartana. Video.

»First Woman on the Moon«, 1999 video by Aleksandra Mir.

»Door«, 2010 by Gyula Várnai.

“Shake it loose and let it fall”, 2011 by Emily Wardill. Inkjet print on silk sheet, veneer covered MDF.

»Visuals/Udmurtia«, 2007 by Darius Ziura.

»Plan with Cicles 2 Colored«, 2008 by Herwig Weiser.

»Untitled (The tree)«, 2010 by Ibro Hasanović.

“Janus (280 B.C – 2090 A.D)”, 2011 by Lloyd Corporation. Miranti, plastic flooring unit, plaster, terracotta cast with iron fillings.

»March Fourteen« (diptych), 2007 by Akram Zaatari.

»Centro di Permanenza Temporanea«, 2007 by Adrian Paci.

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