Cigarette will be gone soon,
Cigarette is guilty, has apologized a thousand times.
There is no place for cigarette,
In a smoke-free world.

Cigarette will be gone soon,
Banished and extinguished, now cigarette is out.
Smoke smoke smoke smoooo,
no odour, no oduur.

»No Oduur«, 2012 exhibition by Marlie Mul.

As If I Don’t Fit There“, 2006 by Mounira Al Solh.

“Just in case”, 2009 by Cinthia Marcelle. Tape on paper.

»Manzanas envejeciendo frente a un espejo«, 2008 by Gabriel Sierra.

„Bags«, 2011 by Rayyane Tabet.

»Picnic with friends and hand-painted cloth in Beijing«, 2009 by Lee Kit.

Not A But B“, 2010 by Bona Park.

»Women In Kahves«, 2005 by Pilvi Takala. Excerpt.

“Endymion’s Journey”, 2011 by Amalia Pica. Digital print on canvas.

»Ronda«, 2009 by Mariana Telleria.

»Total Picture Control«, 2010 by Julia Dault.

»2 in 1«, 2010 by Jonathas de Andrade.

“Pas de problem”, 2009 by Fabian Seiz. Wood, fabric, mirror, rubber.

»Only Love Faghat Eshgh«, 2007 by Farhad Moshiri.

»Before the Law«, 2011 by Phyllida Barlow.

»Leg«, 1965 by Alina Szapocznikow.

“Untitled (Jokepainting)”, 2006 by Karl Holmqvist.

“The world’s top brands”, 2011 by Helen Marten. Framed chalk pastel drawing, Orange mobile phone bill, printed plastic shopping bag, clout nails.

“Not yet titled”, 2012 by Christoph Weber. Concrete, foil.

»Manipulating Mass-produced Idealized Objects«, 1990 by Mike Kelley.

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