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Le Truc Du Chinois, refer to (industrial) ”tableaux” you can generally find in chinese retaurants or in fast-foods. They are light boxes (originally for use in advertising – neon signs- and very often used in contemporary photography) with a mechanism that moves some filters between the light source and the back-lit picture. This gives a kinetic effect, providing the object with a kind of magic. These touched up photographs usually represent exotic landscapes : luxurious nature with azured skies and watered downs, sometimes with a water fall. By replacing these exotic scenes by council blocks, waste lands and other views of the outskirts, and by keeping only the waterfall as an element of the landscape, BBE recreates a utopian project: the “villes nouvelle” and their idyllic living environment.


Sauvageons, Bad Beuys Entertainment’s selfportrait, for which they used models.