From the series “Items for possible videosets“, since 2009 by Stefan Panhans.


“Words replaced by Yellow”, 2006 by Vibeke Tandberg.


“TTB 02:00, untitled”, 2008 and


“TTB 03:00, untitled”, 2009 by Cieslik und Schenk.


The Nature of the Beast“, 2009 by Goshka Macuga.


“Information is content. Content is Fiction. Content is Messy.”, 2006 by Henrik Olesen.


Mirrored Wall Head“, 2008 by Simon Starling.


“TV lamp”, 2006 by Olafur Eliasson.


“Kinoneuenkirchen”, 2005 by Dorit Margreiter.


“Dream of 27 May 1999”, 2008 by Goshka Macuga. Wood, chrome plated stand, Carrara marble, Perspex.

“Recharging Trinitite”, 2007 from “Manhattan Engineering District” by Henrik Plenge Jakobsen.

From the series “Calais, inside” by Henk Wildschut.

“Fair-weather forces (water level)”, 2008 by Germaine Koh.
Stainless steel stanchions and electronic and mechanical systems with velvet ropes moving up and down in relation to water level, which are transmitted over the internet from an ultrasonic sensor installed at a nearby body of water.

Yellow fog“, 2008 by Olafur Eliasson.

“50/50”, 2007 by Gavin Turk.

“Large Dark Wind Chime (Arab Tritone)”, 2008 by Klaus Weber.

“Portrait of Thomas Carlyle as a Climbing Wall”, 2007 (Proposed by Giulio Caradonna, former member of the Italian Social Movement – National Right Party) by Chris Evans. Airbrush painting.

Make Your Own Life“, 2006 by Merlin Carpenter. The artist asked the ICA Philadelphia, the original venue for this exhibition, to provide him with $4,000 cash. The artist then went on a shopping spree consuming luxurious goods and services, with only the receipts and empty shopping bags exhibited.

“Freier Fall”, 2006 by Albrecht Schäfer. DVD, 28sec. loop, no sound, projector with holder.