“NEMESIS Rocket Body in Orion (Discarded rocket from Satellite Data System Spacecraft; USA 179rb)”, 2008 by Trevor Paglen.

“Dogs That Run After Formula One Cars”, 2007 by Anri Sala. 4 colour photographs on dibond, Audio CD, 5 Taxi cards.


“Untitled”, 2008 by Eva Berendes. Cotton fabric, dyed fabric, wood.


“Dead Military Satellite (DMSP 5D-F11) Near the Disk of the Moon”, 2010 by Trevor Paglen.


“Elemente der Toxikologie”, 2008 by Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez. Metal, nylon, mesh bags.


Paintings by TWAIN (Santiago Taccetti and Natalia Ibáñez Lario).


“Gleaming the cube (press kit)”, 2006 by Marius Engh.


COPYSTAND: An Autonomous Manufacturing Zone“, 2009 by Stephanie Syjuco. Five day performative counterfeiting event held within its own gallery booth at the Frieze Art Fair. During the week, a cadre of three to five artists in a Production Area re-created artworks found in other booths and displayed them in a formal Gallery Area. All works were available for purchase at a mere fraction of the cost of the originals.


From “Random Work”, 2008/09 by TWAIN (Santiago Taccetti and Natalia Ibáñez Lario).

“Epiphany”, 2003 by Shezad Dawood.

“Suzy I”, 2005 by Philippe Decrauzat.

“Towers 2 the sky”, 2009 by Boris Dornbusch.

Unsolicited Fabrications: Shareware Sculptures“, 2009 by Stephanie Syjuco. Sculptures designed by anonymous users of Google SketchUp.

“Objet externe”, 2005 – 2007 by Christoph Weber. Wax, pigments.

“Untitled (mirrored tambourine painting)”, 2008 and

“Untitled (cement towel corners)”, 2008 by Paul Lee.

Carpet/?s“, 2006 by Mindaugas Gapševičius. Carpet made out of ascii (American Standart Code for Information Interchange).

“Like Taking Sand to the Beach”, 2006 by Blue Curry.

“On Forest floor”, 2006 and

“Plant stress study”, 2006 by Sanna Kannisto.

“[Farsh-02-2004]” and “[Farsh-04-2004]” from the series “Farsh/Teppiche” by Shirana Shahbazi. Handknotted rugs, wool on silk.

“10. – 17. September 2005”, 2005 by Markus Sixay. Digital record of the exhibition.

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