Environment transformer“, 1968 by Haus-Rucker-Co. Appliances that change sensory impressions for a limited time in a visual and acoustic way.


“Resonating-With-Light” (Video) by Edo Paulus is an installation that consists of multiple small electronic units in a natural environment with sunlight. Each unit collects solar energy and transforms this energy into a repetitive bouncing of itself onto a metal tube, thus creating a kinetic and acoustic reaction to sunlight.


“Scrollbars” (Video) by Edo Paulus and Jan Robert Leegte.


»Acoustic Survival Kit« consists of many acoustic atoms. Properly connected each acoustic module gives subtle signals and pulses to the environment. The surrounding light triggers the sound of the module. Changing light conditions affect the quality and level of the emitted frequencies. Signals of grouped modules interfere amongst themselves and with the sounds of the environment. By creating these links, bridges between private and public are established. By Miki Yui.


“Autonomous Instrumental”, “Acoustic Space Mirror” and “Theremin” by Haroon Mirza.