»Your Napoleon«, 2009 by Jordan Wolfson.

“A Circular Play”, 2008 by Nina Beier and Marie Lund.
An actor performs a play on a specially constructed stage. A stenographer sits opposite on a similar construction and notes down everything being said and done in a script format. The actor performs the new script and his performance is noted down repeatedly.


»The Extras«, 2005-2006, video 13 min. The stars of the video are extras, background performers used in the crowd scenes of films and television series. In the video, an invisible director is telling the Extras to take various positions and formations. The Extras’ reflective clothing and signs they are holding symbolise their work as a background surface, a collective mass whose only purpose is to spotlight the main events and stars. In the background of the video, a voiceover is reading the Extras collective feelings about absurd shooting situations. By Szuper Gallery.

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»The Extras«, Sunday, October 16, 2005. Performance with 20 Extras, 3 speakers, 2 directors, 3 cameras, 1 photographer, Mylar placards and banners, held at the square strium of Vancouver public library. By Szuper Gallery. Video.

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Video “Waiting, Acting Waiting” and


Videoinstallation “Dance with Fluorescent Tube” by Isabell Heimerdinger.