»No Image, Commercial Breaks«, 2011 by Yemenwed.

»Un-retouched«, 2011 by BERNADETTE CORPORATION.

»K-HOLE« is a trend-forecasting report by a team of young cultural strategists: Greg Fong, Sean Monahan, Emily Segal, Chris Sherron and Dena Yago.

»Billboard 01«, 1991 by Gerwald Rockenschaub. Rockenschaub based his work on the modular system used by the poster company gewista, whereby each large-format poster is made up of 8–72 standard format sheets. He had these sheets printed in monochrome in seven industrial norm colours from which he made forty colourful combinations which could be independently selected on the spot by whoever was putting up the poster.

»Announcements«, 2002-2004 by Michał Budny.

»Paths of Glory«, 2009 by Ama Saru & Hsiao Chen.

Untitled (Ginger Ass), 2003 by Piotr Uklanski.

»MAGNUM 4«, 2007-1999 by Ebru Özseçen.

»Hydrate & Perform«, 2010 by Tobias Madison.

»Town and Country«, 2009 by Claude Closky.

“117 Dwight Eisenhower BLVD”, 2009 by Ken Lum.

»Arrangement 8«, 2008 by Sean Raspet.

neupril1.jpg neuzahn.jpg

Daniel Pflumm.

Centurium04VISTAEXPOPAMP.jpg Centurium001Doberman.jpg  Centurium002DobermanObserv.jpg

“Centurium” – Exhibition view and “24hs for you – Centurium Trihedral” by Rodrigo Matheus.


Video “Clocks” by Christopher Roth und Franz Stauffenberg.


»Page 181 of Mrs. GILLRAY«, 2007 by Mathew Hale shown at Clockworkgallery. Clockworkgallery uses the public advertising space of a turnable lightbox at Mehringplatz/Berlin to present 12 solo exhibitons a year.

crystal1.jpg  nail1.jpg

“Crystal” and “Nail” from the series “Human Advertisement” by Xavier Cha.


»Commercial War« by Wang Qingsong.