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»Pre-Sensation«, 2010 by Hayley A. Silverman.


“Tantalum Memorial”, 2008 by Harwood, Wright, Yokokoji.

Statues of Kwame Nkrumah, reinstated at the National Museum in Accra, Ghana, after having being torn down during a military coup in 1977. From the series »Avenue Patrice Lumumba«, 2007 by Guy Tillim.


Supergas” by Superflex. In 1997, Superflex installed and tested the first Superflex biogas system. The experiment was carried out at a small farm in central Tanzania, in co-operation with the African organisation SURUDE (Sustainable Rural Development). The plant produces approx. 3 cubic metres of gas per day from the dung from 2-3 cattle. This is enough for a family of 8-10 members for cooking purposes and to run one gas lamp in the evening.


Mike Wilkes,

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Jason Bartell and others at The Lion Alliance

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Power Tools by Marjetica Potrc.