Installation view of “Passé Immédiat”, 2007 by Christian Philipp Müller. About 600 outdated computers, monitors, keyboards, printers… (partly running).


The project »Who is afraid of seniors?«, 2005; deals with old people. Statistics foresee that in year 2020 there will be over a billion of people in the world older than 60 years and 75% of them will be residents of western countries, the oldest state will be Japan and the oldest continent will be Europe. By Lada Cerar .


Still from »Forever«, 2006. Julika Rudelius casts five American women of a certain age for their beauty. They are posing at upscale private swimming pools and reflect on their ideas of beauty, ways to obtain it and it’s relationship with privilege. The video is punctuated by the women taking self-portraits with a polaroid camera.


Still from »Train«, 2001. Julika Rudelius invites a group of young men on the street to be in a video in which they would talk about women and love. During the filming Rudelius leads the conversation through questions (not audible in the video), but without a script.


“The Problem of Possible Redemption” by Harrell Fletcher is a video adaptation of James Joyce’s Ulysses shot at the Parkville Senior Center, Connecticut, with the seniors reading the lines from cue cards.

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Pictures from the series “Fifty years of protesting” by Jo Metson Scott.


»A/S/L (Age/Sex/Location)«, 2003 (3-screen video & sound installation, with images, text and transcripts of a simulated chat room conversation) by Raqs Media Collective.

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Aaaah!” and


“L’Hospice” by Gilles Barbier.