»T-shirt, alphabet« 2009-2011, by Mekhitar Garabedian.


Still from »The Time Machine in alphabetical order«, 2010 by Thomson & Craighead.


“Personenanalphabet (A Portrait of the Artist as an Alphabet)”, 2008 by Anna Artaker.

“Every Word Unmade”, 2007 by Fiona Banner.

alphabiblecoverL.jpg alphabiblecloseup.jpg

»Alphabetized Bible«, 2006, by Tauba Auerbach. See also »Bible«, 1997, by Rory Macbeth.


»Thought Bubble (oh god(Nietzche’s mum(Joke)))«, 2004

Picture 5.png

»Bible«, 1997. Every word in the Bible arranged in alphabetical order and printed. By Rory Macbeth.

pareto2a Kopie.jpg

»Attempts to apply Pareto principle«, 2007 and

tyc4.jpg tyc3.jpg

»Here and Elsewhere«, 2008. Stripper pole coated with a description of a striptease scene encoded in Braille alphabet. By Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova.


»Clipart Abc« by Georg Schnitzer and Peter Umgeher.


»The Whole Alphabet, From The Center Out, Digital, VI« (Gouache on paper on panel, 2006) and »0-9« (Gouache on paper on panel, 2005) by Tauba Auerbach.


Truetype font “Self portrait as a font” – part of the series “Alternumerics” by Paul Chan. Video.


»Kackabet« (2006) by Geltitin.


»The World Justified« (A map of the World represented in a graphic style and arranged like text)


In »Seoul/Killing Time« the city of Seoul as simulated in a videogame. The video killing time records one desertion match.


»Pilha« is a writing system that relates piles of identical objects to the letters of the Latin alphabet. All three projects by Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain.


»Message The« by Oliver Laric.

tkg_1.jpg teleklettergarten_1.jpg tkg_4.jpg

“Teleklettergarten” – The facade of the art university in Linz was converted into a climing wall with oversized keyboard keys and buttons as a input interface for a computer. The visitors who participated in Teleklettergarten passed through a trainee programm and where trained as software developers. Through physical commitment the climbers and the programmers collaboratively inputed code into an oversized programming environment. In a week-long performance the collaborators programmed codes, scripts and tools and demonstrated various software functions. A collaboration between Bitnik and the group FOK.


Font made out of matches and match boxes.


Interwoven maps of Zimbabwe. Images from the opening of Dan Halter’s show Take Me To Your Leader.


Biceps video and Balloon Clown Alphabet by Oliver Laric.


All Identical Letter Abbriviations by Liron Ross.