»Amateur Bodybuilder Gradient«, 2007,

Bild 9.png

»Disaster«, 2007 by Dafna Maimon.


From the series “Boris Becker” by Stefan Jandl of Gloor.Jandl. Photos of amateur tennis players, doing the famous Becker Jump.


picturepeople #01 : THE SHADOW OF A PHOTOGRAPHER


picturepeople #11 : ANIMAL KISS


picturepeople #48 (4 Years!) : JESUS ON THE CROSS

PICTUREPEOPLE is an independent artistic (monthly) e-mail project by Rüdiger Heinze (writer) and Kristofer Paetau (visual artist) without any commercial purpose. It concentrates on the human representation in found amateur photography. The photographs become part of fictions – due to their re-contextualisation – and reveal different phenomena in human representation, interrogating mainly cultural and social issues, thus making connections to other fields of representation.


»Private Stages«. Collages by Peter Freitag. Amateur photographs of nudes are taken from the internet and obscured with the application of “dots” that are made with punchhole irons using the colours and structures from the original image. The process of manipulation remains visible on the image plane with dots and circles forming a recognizable silhouette of the vanished nude, undermining the original intention of the images through a simple process of interference.