“Untitled (symbiotic relationship/dance party)”, 2003 by Peter Coffin in collaboration with Brett Milspaw. Drum, mexican jumping beans, lights, heater, contact mics, amplifier, effects box, chair and headphones.

“min_mod [minimum_module]“, 2004 by Limiteazero.


“Flight” by Meridith Pingree. The sound of the footsteps is pitch-shifted it so low that the sound is barely audible, then amplified enough to create the live flapping motion in the bungee-suspended giant subwoofer creature.


»Feedback«, 2004 by Gunilla Klingberg

eraser5.jpg hard.jpg

“Hard to explain” by Émilie Pitoiset.

Model 432001.jpg

»Model 432001«, 2006

present arms Kopie.jpg

»Present Arms«, 2002 and

Lake Placid.jpg

»Glory Arms – Lake Placid Blue«, 2003 by Yoshihiko Satoh.


»The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly« (3 Rek-O-Cut turntables, wood, aluminum, Hardware, Mixer, Amplifier, Speakers, 3 Ennio Morricone LPs) from 2006 and »Kraftwerk« (3 2055 Kenwood Turntables, mixer, speakers, Kraftwerk record albums) from 2005 by Sean Duffy.


Jiri Cernicky rented a limousine and decorated the hood with his girlfriends body.


»Home Explosion« is an environmental installation with lamp and video.


»Progres« sculptures and their manufacturing process in Moldavia.


Tear-shaped mini-amplifiers. All projects by Jiri Cernicky.