»Oiseaux – Vögel«, 1996/99 by Jochen Lempert.


»Birds«, 2008. Video by Elodie Pong, where globalisation and the state of the world economy are debated by stuffed birds.


»Mouse Cow Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake«, 2006 by Yangjiang Group.

Marcus Coates, 2009

“Dawn Chorus”, 2006 by Marcus Coates.

“Ape” and “Sabre” from the series “Animal Farm”, 2007 by Swetlana Heger.

»souvenir de chine«, 2008 by Körner Union for Larytta.


»Harry Potty«, 2008 by Ken Kagami.

A frog. 19 days ago
A fox. 19 days ago
Racoons. 20 days ago
A fawn. 25 days ago
Fuzzy caterpillar. 25 days ago
A snake. 25 days ago
Must have been a bald eagle yesterday. 33 days ago
Maybe an eagle. 34 days ago
A little fox. 36 days ago
A bat. 39 days ago

»All The Animals I’ve Seen in Upstate New York This Summer« by David Horvitz.


A bag of live »Snails« with a properly protected microphone introduced in its core. The resulting sound is amplified in the same room as the bag is standing. By Fernandes Avelãs.


»Formication«, 2007, installation by Luiza Margan & Miha Presker.

buchet_25-1.jpg buchet_21-1.jpg

Photos “Pie bai 2” and “Gris pommelé 1” by Cédric Buchet.


„Nocturnal cage for Australian night animals” and “Cage for Galago crassicaudata” by Wesley Meuris.


picturepeople #01 : THE SHADOW OF A PHOTOGRAPHER


picturepeople #11 : ANIMAL KISS


picturepeople #48 (4 Years!) : JESUS ON THE CROSS

PICTUREPEOPLE is an independent artistic (monthly) e-mail project by Rüdiger Heinze (writer) and Kristofer Paetau (visual artist) without any commercial purpose. It concentrates on the human representation in found amateur photography. The photographs become part of fictions – due to their re-contextualisation – and reveal different phenomena in human representation, interrogating mainly cultural and social issues, thus making connections to other fields of representation.


»pigeons aligner«, 1996.


»totalmaxigoldmachine2000«. A soundtrack consisting of very short samples of dance music hits, broadcast non-stop and very loud in one of the rooms at the exhibition of Negotiations, at the CRAC in Sète, on the theme of trade and capitalism. »mmmmmm«, 2000. Monologue lasting about 50 minutes in which the aphasic Michel Prades talks about his relation to language, the poems he writes, and the accident that caused his handicap. This soundtrack was broadcast in the streets of Cahors by the loudspeaker system normally used to announce commercial services. By Boris Achour.


“Ein Tag im Kindergarten”, “Biology after math” and “No happiness outside the group” by Andrea Dojmi.


»Daimlerstraße 38«. The fox photos are the result of a pseudo-scientific research project about biology and geography in an industrial waste land. Tue Greenfort collected garbage to construct the photo trap for observing the foxes he discovered in that area. The animals were lured by a sausage. When the fox bit into the bait, it activated the camera connected by a cord to the sausage. One week later, the animals had learned to eat the sausage without being photographed.


»Water Cooler« uses frozen fruit juice to cool water brought up from the point in Witte de With’s cellar where it enters the building. The intervention into the functional architecture of the institution takes Tue Greenfort’s exhibition beyond the gallery space, integrating his work into the building’s infrastruce.


»Comedores, cocinas y salas de estar« by Rafel G. Bianchi.


“boys” and


“pyramid of animals” by Katarzyna Kozyra.


The Landscape of Lower League Football by Hans van der Meer.

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