»Worker«, 2008 by Cécile Hartmann.

»Untitled (Modernist House)«, 2005 (plastic pony beads, artificial hair) by Kori Newkirk.

»Buildings You Have to See Before You Die«, 2008 by Jose Dávila.

“Volvic Architecture Milfina”, 2008 by Michaela Eichwald. Mixed media in resin.

»Hermitage«, 2009 by Ethan Hayes-Chute.

»Street Market«, 2000 by Todd James, Steve Powers and Barry McGee.

»Darkroom«, 2006 by Sheela Gowda.

»Black Pig Lodge«, 2011 by Heather and Ivan Morison.

»Grandi Bianchi«, 2011 by Bernard Dubois and La Ville Rayée.

»Diasin II«, 1969 by Vjenceslav Richter.

»Sans titre (salle omnisports)«, 2005 by Didier Marcel.

»Them as a Fountain«, 2003,

»Skeleton Coast«, 2005 by Alexander Apóstol.

»Plan libre«, 2007 by John Cornu.

»Walls of Progress: Materiales de Construccion«, 2011 by Ximena Garrido Lecca.

»Primitive Hut«, 2010 by Marjetica Potrč.

»REFLECTION MODEL«, 2001 by Takahiro Iwasaki.

»CAN`T UNDO«, 2008 by Tomáš Džadoň.

»HELTER SHELTER«, 2011 by Pablo Cots.

»133,120cm of Nylon Monofilament and Black Acrylic«, 2011 by Robert Currie.

A still from »Dammi i Colori«, 2003 by Anri Sala.

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