»Screen Test«, 2011 by Jaakko Pallasvuo.

»Studio Workout«, 2011 (day 4 of a 28 day mixtape) by Devin Kenny. Every day in the month of February 2011, the artist will release a new track exploring topics such as: swag, Contemporary Art, professional practice, postmodernism, altermodernity, self-aggrandizement, serving The Community, The Griot, The Secret and many others. Additional link.

»Artpolis« by Louis-Cyprien Rials.


Mute“, 2005–2009 by Janos Sugar.


»Something New«, 2009. Make or organize your art piece within the area of Chicago between 10th and 12th november, 2009. By Nikola Tosic and Sarah Weis.

“Carpet No. 6, Franz West”, 1998 by Marcus Geiger.

“Destroyed Public Sculpture”, 2001 by Nedko Solakov. Video.

»Art must be beautiful«, 1975 by Marina Abramović. I brush my hair with a metal brush held in my right hand and simultaneously comb my hair with a metal comb held in my left hand. While so doing, I continuously repeat ‘Art must be beautiful’, ‘Artist must be beautiful’, until I have destroyed my hair and face.

“Art Dispensing machine (ADM)”, 2004 by Osman Khan. Using Market-Of-One strategies, where companies wish to market and provide goods and services targeted at individual preferences, the ADM produces unique prints, based on the information kept on the magnetic stripe of a credit card.

No. 3 from the series “A Space Formerly Known as a Museum“, 2007 by Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani.

»Club Internet: Contact (1997)«, July 25, 2008 – August 19, 2008, curated by Damon Zucconi. Works by: Christopher Byler, Garrett Davis & Kieran Gillen, Aleksandra Domanovic, Harm van den Dorpel, Marcel Duchamp, Nathan Hauenstein, Martijn Hendriks, Jeremy Hughes & Ken Seeno, KUO I-Chen, Hugh Pocock, Jordan Rhoat, Ken Seeno, Alexandr Skarlinski and James Whipple.

»REBRANDING ACTS« by www.wooloo.org, is an investigation into cultural identity in an age of global migration. The project asks artists to look closely at the ongoing production of “nationality” in their home countries and to examine the ways in which this public narrative includes certain individuals and groups – while excluding others. Deadline for submission is Sunday, August 31st 2008.

Interview with Claire Fontaine (2008).

ozgen ozman.jpg

Still from “Road to Tate Modern” by Erkan Özgen and Şener Özmen. Video.


“Untitled, 2003” was initiated in 2002 when Andrea Fraser approached Friedrich Petzel Gallery to arrange a commission with a private collector on her behalf. The requirements for the commission were to include a sexual encounter between Fraser and a collector, which would be recorded on videotape, with the first exemplar of the edition going to the participating collector.


Tokyo Art Machine, selling works by European and American artists in Japan. UK Art Machine, selling works by Japanese Artists in the UK. By Yoke and Zoom.


Road rage by Yoke and Zoom.