“What do they wear at the Frieze art fair?”, 2005 by Matthieu Laurette. Daily guided tours of Frieze Art Fair led by international fashion experts Peter Saville, Isabella Blow and Kira Joliffe & Bay Garnett.


“Describing the booth”, 2005 by Christian Mayer.


COPYSTAND: An Autonomous Manufacturing Zone“, 2009 by Stephanie Syjuco. Five day performative counterfeiting event held within its own gallery booth at the Frieze Art Fair. During the week, a cadre of three to five artists in a Production Area re-created artworks found in other booths and displayed them in a formal Gallery Area. All works were available for purchase at a mere fraction of the cost of the originals.

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“Price On Request” – The installation employs a cardboard adhesive-band copy of the well-known art fair stands structures. These cloisonne modules are in general made of wood and steel and can be found in almost every kind of fair. By Art Basel Geneva (Cris Faria and Lukas Mettler).


Mobilephone-camera documentation of the Vienna Art Fair (Part 1).