Performance “Door Policy, or Biting the Hand that Feeds Me, 2010 by Marlene Haring.


»The Thrill Of Collecting«, (2008) was an exhibtion in the Uovo Open Office in Basel. Initiated 3 days before the opening by Cyprien Gaillard, Tobias Madison and Emanuel Rossetti it featured 17 international artists. Only artworks that were stolen were allowed into the show. The title was taken from an AXA Art Insurance Programm whose advertising sign was stolen from their booth in the collectors lounge of Art Basel.


“Digester”, 2008 by Susan Robb. 55-gallon drums, the waste of gallerist Scott Lawrimore, biogas, campfire.


»logos«, 1996-1998 by A.K.U.S.A. (Asmundur Asmundsson and Justin Blaustein).


»Tennis«, 2007. Price of performance: from 170 €, price of photograph: 5.000 €.


»Working on a farm«, 2007. Price of performance: from 200 €, price of photograph: 5.000 €.


»Weekend at the Ritz«, 2007. Price of performance: from 2.300 €, price of photograph: 5.000 €. All photos from the series »Buy Your Own Art Experience«, 2007, by Sebastjan Leban & Staš Kleindienst.

Bild 37.png

»CC Gallery« (2004). Photographic reproductions of works by internationally known artists, downloaded from the internet, printed in the original size and sold. By Yang Zhenzhong.


»Wall (Catriona Jeffries Gallery), Wall (Vancouver Art Gallery), Wall (Contemporary Art Gallery), 2005, by Arabella Campbell.


Vienna Art Fair 2007


World’s largest signed and numbered limited edition artwork. In September 2002, ten artists gathered at the Whitechapel gallery to create the largest signed and numbered limited edition artwork of one million. Video.


A stillframe from Wood, a video by Sean Rogg. In certain parts of rural Sweden an old traditional law still stands. If a child under the age of 18 commits a serious offence and is convicted of the crime, he or she is not sent to a correctional facility. Instead, state firemen show up at the child’s home and ceremonially burn the house to the ground. It is hoped that by being made an example of, other parents will keep control of their children’s behaivour. The system seems to work as a house is only burned once every 12 to 15 years.


Porn photoseries.



privateCOL15 Kopie.jpg

Private Collection (various stolen objects from private galleries for contemporary art). By Anetta Mona Chisa and Lucia Tkacova.