»Surviving New Land«, 2009 film loop by Marjolijn Dijkman.

“Autoinducer_Ph-1″, 2006, exploits a traditional rice cultivation technique from SE Asia. In the installation this process is reworked in an overly complexified, industrial, laboratory style way. By Andy Gracie, hostprods.

Ivan Iannoli.


»Untitled (Uniform Density Star Field)«, 2006, (an artificially created, uniform distribution of stars) by Damon Zucconi.


“Unland” is a kind of recoded giant piece of origami approaches the themes of reality and geography in an abstract manner: a paper sculpture hung from thin nylon strings, becomes a projection sphere, a reservoir of associations, recalling, possibly, a cloud, or an iceberg, an island or artificial organism.


An imaginary seismogram investigates the field between language & drawing, static & dynamic, sound & image by mapping out the tensions between these conceptual tectonic plates: “Zero Bending” by Nikolaus Gansterer.


Neverland“. Michael Jackson’s eyes from his “Live from the Neverland Ranch” broadcast 1993.

Nostalgia is Fear“. An artificial snow machine randomly activates with or without the viewer standing in the headlights of the car. Works by Jordan Wolfson.