“Object Construction Number 1: Reflective Abstraction (Mishima)”, 2007 by Falke Pisano.

“Allochtone #8 and #11”, 2012 by Christian Mayer. Petrified trunk from Madagascar, approx. 200 mio years old.

“Grandi Legni GL_13”, 2009 and “Grandi Legni GL_19”, 2009 by Andrea Branzi.

“Volvic Architecture Milfina”, 2008 by Michaela Eichwald. Mixed media in resin.

“Impulsive Chorus”, 2010 by Martin Soto Climent.

“Passive design”, 2009 by Markéta Othová.

“Untitled”, 2011 by Neïl Beloufa.

Evening Drawings“, 1996–2004 by Dag Erik Elgin.

“Materialregal 2”, 2011 by Jan Kiefer. Pine wood, granite, aluminium, decor plastic film.

“Lage, Ort, Position”, 2011 by Sonia Leimer. Photography by Cem Yücetas.

“Random Moments in Simultaneous Encounters (3 panels)”, 2000/2001 by Stephen Willats. Photographic prints, photographic dye, acrylic paint, letraset text and ink on card.

Still from “Buster”, 2011 by Kate Gilmore. Video.

“Janus (280 B.C – 2090 A.D)”, 2011 by Lloyd Corporation. Miranti, plastic flooring unit, plaster, terracotta cast with iron fillings.

From the series “Authentic Sources Furniture, 2011 by Clemence Seilles.

Still from “Objects Perceive Me”, 2010 by Alexandra Navratil. Video.

“Latein”, 2008 by Verena Dengler. Steel, paint, pearls, embroidery, passe-partout.

“Crawled Peg”, 2007 by Martin Westwood. Upholstered table, toughened glass, gold plated brass cocktail sticks, walnut pot, ballchain, lead, pen, mild steel lithograph, filing spike and perpetual calendar, aluminum, photocopy paper.

“Rockdispenser”, 2010 by Nicole Wermers.

“Work No. 1051”, 2010 by Martin Creed. Marble.

“Tour de Corps”, 2010 by Michaela Meise. Wood, Plexiglas.

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