New York Nudes“, 2012 by Ellen Harvey.

“Untitled snake oil”, 1998 by Hany Armanious. Hotmelt, glass.

“New Materials in the Reading of the World”, 2011 by Chooc Ly Tan. Video.

“Robbery”, 2010 by Gregory Polony.

“Marx”, 2011 by Josephine Meckseper.

Installation “One of Each”, 1993 by Karsten Bott.

“When 6 turns to 9″, 2010 by Christian Andersen.

“Weddings’ Eve”, 2010 by Mathew Hale.

“The night sculptures I”, 2007 by David Renggli.

From the series “The Small Blue Gradient”, 2011 by Rachel de Joode.

“Fernwirkung”, 2010 by Alicja Kwade. Parsol bronze, brass, copper, branch.


From the series “Items for possible videosets“, since 2009 by Stefan Panhans.


“84 Paintings”, 2009 by Fiona MacKay, Morag Keil and Manuela Gernedel.


“Shelf Paintings (Pottery in October #4)”, 2009 by Dan Rees and Fredrik Værslev. Spray paint on plywood, birch shelf, brass screws, hinges, ceramic object.


“Untitled”, 2010 by Josh Kolbo.


“Body Mind Centering Curtain”, 2006 by Alexander Wolff. Canvas, buttons.


“Voyage of the Beagle”, 2007 by Rachel Harrison. 57 pigmented inkjet prints.


“Zabiba, The King, The Dragon & Jonathan Earl Bowser Installation (Strike the Empire Back Series)”, 2010 by Michael Rakowitz. Pencil on vellum drawings, Saddam Hussein novels, wood shelves, giclee print.


“Pattern recognition”, 2010 by Marita Fraser. Fabric, textile on frames, aluminum, silk scarf.


“Terazzo (29B, 42 and 14C)”, 2010 by Fredrik Værslev. Spray-paint, granite effect spray on canvas.

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