»Crystal World (after J.G.Ballard)«, 2006 by Ann Lislegaard.

Five Words in a Line.

»Five Words in a Line«, 1930 by Gertrude Stein.

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»Chords« and »Vintage Bomber«, 2006, vacuum-formed polystyrene, by Seth Price.


»Dispersion« by Seth Price.

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“A world situation” – spam email titles as quotes and the false email-sender names as “authors” by Pieterjan Ginckels.

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Works by Douglas Coupland.


Painting Manufacture Unit by Roxy Paine. A spray nozzle mounted on a large moving arm travels in front of a canvas, spraying acrylic paint as it makes its pass. After a programmed amount of inactivity, which allows the paint to dry, the arm gets to work again and makes another pass.


Auto Sculpture Maker creates an endless series of amorphous sculptural blobs.


Drawing Machine floods paint into a mixing chamber and dispenses it via a spray nozzle that travels a pre-programmed course over the paper. After making its pass and releasing its paint load, the machine rests, allowing the paint to dry-before another pass is made. All three machines by Roxy Paine.

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“One Minute” by Meridith Pingree. Participants generate portraits of their physical personality when they wear a strap-on video pinhole camera headband for one minute. The movement of the camera is translated into a three-dimensional line drawing and output as an object by a 3-D printer.


Tree drawings by Tim Knowles.


Stills from Tim Knowles Spy Box (images created by a camera inside a parcel). Exhibition shown at Rokeby Gallery.