“Open Book #7 (Light Years)”, 2011 Anne Collier.

“Untitled (Painted Ceramic)”, 2011 by Ruby Neri. Earthenware, oil paint, steel with enamel paint.

Detail from “Decoy”, 2011 by Eva Grubinger.

“Untitled”, 2012 by Kirsten Pieroth. Eggcup, egg.

“Towards a Theory of Impressionist and Expressionist Spectatorship”, 2002 by Luis Jacob.

Tourner en ovale“, 2009 by Regis Perray.

“Axis of Silence”, 2009 by Sislej Xhafa. Black neon light.

“Open Book #6 (George Platt Lynes)”, 2011 by Anne Collier.

Still from “Kings of the Hill”, 2003 by Yael Bartana. Video.

“Boiler”, 2010 by Kori Newkirk. Stainless steel, vinyl tubing, resin.