“Body in Flight (Delta)”, 2011 by Allora & Calzadilla. Stained Wood, gymnasts (Sadie Wilhelmi, USA Gymnastics, depicted). Video.

“Meuble”, 2007 by Guillaume Leblon. Oak.

Installation view of “Room for 17 Minutes“, 2011 by Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch.

“Untitled”, 2011 by Thea Djordjadze. Steel, paint, cement, fabric, glass.

“Thinking of a reply.”, 2011 by Matthew Brannon.

“Trustworhty #48”, 2011 by Haegue Yang. On-going series of paper collages, various envelope security patterns.

“Rockdispenser”, 2010 by Nicole Wermers.

Still from “Comrades of Time. Zeitgenössinen“, 2010 by Andrea Geyer.