“Body in Flight (Delta)”, 2011 by Allora & Calzadilla. Stained Wood, gymnasts (Sadie Wilhelmi, USA Gymnastics, depicted). Video.

“Pressed Foam”, 2012 by Bettina Buck. Wooden palette, foam, stone.

“Extendable Horizontal Reflector I”, 2007 by Martin Fletcher Systems House. Steel, acrylic mirror, plywood, yellow enamel paint.

“Neon Traces”, 2009 by Anton Ginzburg.

“2-Dimensional Mirror Mobile”, 2011 by Jeppe Hein. Stainless steel plate, mirrors.

“Just in case”, 2009 by Cinthia Marcelle. Tape on paper.

“Not yet titled”, 2012 by Christoph Weber. Concrete, foil.

“Un’Espressione Geografica” (Exhibition view), 2011 by Isabelle Cornaro. Plaster, acrylic paint on paper.

“Untitled”, 2011 by Søren Engsted. Speaker, offsetprint, paint, glue.

“Forward”, 2010 by Ane Graff. Wooden branches, steel wire, acrylic paint, painted silk.

Arsenal (to be continued…)“, 2009 by Krüger & Pardeller. Formica-coated chipbaord panels, aluminium chequer plates, aluminium.

“Orbit”, 2011 by Björn Dahlem. Wood, aluminum, steel, brass, styrofoam, knob, stain, varnish.

“When 6 turns to 9″, 2010 by Christian Andersen.

“The night sculptures I”, 2007 by David Renggli.