“Untitled (Green climbing holds)”, 2012 by Oliver Payne. Climbing holds, canvas.

“Syncretism II”, 2011 by Jofroi Amaral. Bicycle crank guilded with gold leaf.

“Impulsive Chorus”, 2010 by Martin Soto Climent.

Not A But B“, 2010 by Bona Park.

I Asked My Friends To Describe An Artwork To Me“, 2008 by Petra Feriancova.

“La Déduction de Giovanni Battista”, 2011 by Raphaël Zarka. Plywood of birch and inks offset.

“Lage, Ort, Position”, 2011 by Sonia Leimer. Photography by Cem Yücetas.

“Shake it loose and let it fall”, 2011 by Emily Wardill. Inkjet print on silk sheet, veneer covered MDF.

“Layers Fluid”, 2011 by Alice Channer. Digital prints on Heavy Silk Satin, stainless steel bar, cables.

“Green floor mat”, 2011 by Wynne Greenwood. Target African print bag, cotton, thread, batting and dye.

From the series “Turnaround“, 2010-11 by Vincent Kohler.

“I was adored once too”, 2010 by Alejandro Almanza Pereda. Plaster Statues.