“Moment 1”, 2012 by Benoît Maire. Perspex, aluminium, glass, artist book, leaf.

“Object Construction Number 1: Reflective Abstraction (Mishima)”, 2007 by Falke Pisano.

“Sculpture made to be filmed”, 2012 by Charlotte Moth. Light, plywood, controller.

Detail from “Full Frontal Nudity”, 2011 by Rolf Nowotny.

“Untitled (flat tambourine logarythm manual, snare drum, hi hat and bottle top, floor tom / bottle top, Mikrofonspinne)”, 2012 by Michael Gumhold. Tripods, wood, canvas, springs, paint, parts of drum kit, cooking pot, lid, crown caps, mirror folie, wood, recordplayer, varnish, book, aluminium, recording studio tripod, screws, cucumber.

“White Hand”, 2011 by Nir Harel.

“Popular commotion”, 2011 by Nathan Peter. Bitumen lacquer, enamel, canvas, tape and aluminum.

“Untitled (The Reader)”, 2011 by Sónia Almeida. Cotton fabric, cotton cut-out, oil on wooden panels.

As If I Don’t Fit There“, 2006 by Mounira Al Solh.

“Endymion’s Journey”, 2011 by Amalia Pica. Digital print on canvas.

“Untitled”, 2009 by Rolf Nowotny. Images of ventriloquist dummy heads’ mechanisms printed on creative paper (Papiér du Monde).

Performance “Door Policy, or Biting the Hand that Feeds Me, 2010 by Marlene Haring.

“380 degree slide show”, 2008 by Adriana Lara.

Still from “Objects Perceive Me”, 2010 by Alexandra Navratil. Video.

“Wait, Sit, Converse”, 2009 by Vanessa Billy. Natural stone, water, plastic, concrete.

Installation view of “Lycopodium”, 2011 by Raphael Hefti. Photograms on photographic color paper using the gently burning spores of the mossplant Lycopdium.

“Thank You for A Lovely Time”, 2010 by Ama Saru & Hsiao Chen. Books, clock hands, book stands.

“Passwords forgotten”, 2011 by Jérémie Gindre.