Detail from “Delay”, 2012 by Magali Reus. Brushed aluminium, mirror polished aluminium.

Stones to throw”, 2011 by Ahmet Öğüt.

“New Materials in the Reading of the World”, 2011 by Chooc Ly Tan. Video.

“Column of steam”, 2011 by Johannes Vogl. Water, gas, ceramics, copper, steel, plastic, aluminium.

Still from “New again”, 2011 by Lucy Coggle.

“Telescopic Pole (Walkerball-Red)”, 2010 by Chadwick Rantanen. Anodized sandblasted aluminium, walkerballs.

“Latein”, 2008 by Verena Dengler. Steel, paint, pearls, embroidery, passe-partout.

Players“, 2010 by Pilvi Takala. Video excerpt.